Clear-Cut or How to Determine Who is Responsible for Your Death, a video by Carolyn Lambert
The Sooner the Better , a video by Carolyn Lambert
Solastalgia: Permanent Landscape, a video by Carolyn Lambert
Stills from site-specific video for Lumen, by Carolyn Lambert and David Court
Arctic Manual, Volume 1, by Carolyn Lambert
Raw Material, a video by Carolyn Lambert
solid>liquid a tour by Carolyn Lambert and Siobhan Rigg for the Flux Factory
Suspended in Late August, a video installation by Dani Leventhal and Carolyn Lambert


(im)Permanent Landscape, Terrault Contemporary Gallery, curated by Sarah G. Sharp, April 24, 2016, Baltimore, MD
March 4th - 23, 2016 Solo Exhibition at La Mirage, Montreal, PQ
Currently I'm an Open Sessions Participant at the Drawing Center, New York, NY