Solid > Liquid: a live timeline
A parade- a timeline- a race, in collaboration with Siobhan Rigg
October 3rd and 24th, 14th Street, NY NY

As part of our series of works about the current state of the melting Arctic Sea, and geopolitical power-play for "new land" and mineral rights. We choreographed a satirical, costumed race from the Con-Edison power plant to the Hudson River.  Racers carried large photographic cards that signified various contenders for power, space or license in the newly liquid Arctic Circle.

The race offered an absurd tableau of the contest for control land previously unreachable under ice.

This event was part of a month-long public art activities and installations on 14th Street in Manhattan. Organized by Art in Odd Places, the 2009 curators were Radhika Subramaniam and Erin Donnelly. For more information on the festival, past versions and this years line-up, visit Art in Odd Places