A skin is a two dimensional image designed to wrap around a three dimensional model. Any two-dimensional image can be applied in this procedure, though images that are uniform or designed for a particular shape make for the canniest illusions.

Our skin gives the impression of being a boundary, a separation between two surfaces or people. Between inside and outside, between the me and whatever else, the epidermal imaginary, an imagined separateness from the world where one’s body (at the skin) begins. But it is through our skin and our orifices (all our holes) where we meet the world. Our body and our environs are porous to each other.

Shot List:
The first shot is skin
This gesture is one of touching
When I say environment, I mean interior
When you say nature, you mean residue.

My approach to video-making is to utilize the uneventful, often sensuous and atmospheric contextualizing imagery that typifies “B-roll”. In film conventions “B-roll” is footage used in transitions, to mark time, and provide physical context. I place it in a central role—a gesture that highlights the everyday and the seemingly inconsequential. To this footage, I graft text (blogs, product descriptions, overheard conversations, responses on forums) in a process that is a bit like collage; I add sound, narration, and new footage in an additive process. This polyvocal and polyvisual approach speculates and figures uncertain futures, avoiding a fixed identity, either in authorship or narrative voice and resisting notions of predictive knowing or expertise. This work is also informed by ongoing solo and collaborative work exploring how nature figures into commercial imagery in Hollywood and advertising through computer generated imagery, particularly in considering how CGI is used in composing fantasies of nature, or in fusing nature and commodities in brands and advertisements.