Graphic Design

Hey all, my name is Paul Kalafatis and I am a Graphic Designer based In Nassau County Long Island. I have always expressed my self through arts since I was a child and was encouraged by others to pursue a career choice in the art. When it comes to art and designing I consider my self flexible and innovative as I do not stick to one aspect of it. I enjoy drawing, photography mixed media, digital design and advertising design and am better at some than others however, I always implement them into my work when I need to, broadening my options and ideas for any piece I want to create. Graphic Design has became part of me rather than just a career choice, or a job to get paid. I have such a passion for creating these visuals and love tackleing different aspects and genres of design, whether they be modern or a style of the past, professional and buissness appropriate or visually please to represent a buisness of the arts. I love researching to create an infastructure to content of my designs and always end up learning more and broading my design horizons from each piece. Please view and critic my site and it's conent and work at your leisure and feel free to contact me with any requests, questions and concerns.