Pepper Mill
Sometimes Life Needs a Dash of Pepper.


Hi, my name is Victoria Salvadore, and I love to cook. I have a bit of an obsession with food. The other day my roommate brought to my attention that I get a bit overly excited about food. For instance, the new rice vinegar I bought (which makes the most wonderful salad dressing) and proceeded to hug the bottle and dance around my apartment. Or the aged balsamic vinegar and fruity olive oil I received as a gift, which I treated like a Picasso painting hanging on a wall in the Moma. Or the plump black figs, green vibrant kale and crisp anise I bought at the farmers market and then virally told my friends in the fashion any normal person talks to their friends after seeing a celebrity while walking in Central Park. Or how I blanket my plate with freshly cracked black pepper at every meal (add pepper to vanilla ice cream or in your pb&j sandwich, you will thank me!).

So with this I hand you my obsession with food. You will find my favorite recipes, my restaurant reviews from places my stomach has crossed and my thought about food and the food industry. Pepper My Plate is my ode to food, fine ingredients and my sanity.

"Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." - Michael Pollan